Friday, May 9, 2008

Amazon Pictures

I officially have ALL my Amazon pictures up on Facebook. To check them out:

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

slowly but surely. ;)

It´s going to take me a while, but I WILL get the chronicles of my Amazon trip up on this blog thing... unless it kills me, lol. So, you have day one and two, and soem picutes, and now i´ve posted one more thing about the trip and here´s a link to another photo album:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Amazon, Day 2

Sunday morning we got upon four hours of sleep and shoved our suitcases into the tiny elevator with some unsuspecting Brasilian and then sprinited down 15 flights of stairs to get them at the bottom, lol. After a crowded breakfast (there WERE 70 exchange students, lol)we loaded the bus and drove to the Opera House in Manaus. we took alot of pictures outside.. so many in fact, that some japanese tourist-group started taking pictures of US taking pictures.. LOL.

It was pretty much hilarious.We went inside and it was SO beautiful- can you say, "The phaaaaaantom of the opera is here!!!" LOL.

And upstairs we had to wear these gray slippers over our shoes to protect the floors. So we had fun skating around in those, haha. But it was nice to get out and walk down to a street market because it was incredibly HOT in there! And, haha, I totally bought blow-guns for my brothers at the market. :)
After the street market, where we also watched some guys doing Capulera, a sort of fighting/dancing thing that´s really popular here in Brasil, and ate chocolate-covered strawberries (i miss Apple Blossom Festival!! :/ ), we walked down to the harbor. There, Mrs. Knight would be so proud of me, I bought two giant water bottles and some plastic cups and made sure everybody was staying hydrated ;) as we checked out the Braislian version of Pike place Market... and, well, it was really lacking... not only all the cool stuff of Pike Place, but also standards of hygene.. it was pretty gross and smelled a wonder, so we moved on from there quickly.

After that, we hopped on the bus and headed to these cabins in the rainforest a couple hours from Manaus, where we stayed that night.

Amazon, Day 1

Mãe drove me to São Paulo and I caught the flight to Manaus where I met up with 70 other exchange students from around the world. We didn´t do much that afternoon, just getting to know everyone and hanging out in the hotel. For dinner we went to the mall and then we went to this concert that night with wierd samba/funk music and hilarious dancing that we all tried to imitate. :) We were definetly ready to crash once we got back to the hotel though because I thought that São Paulo State was hot??!! HA! The Amazon is INSANE!! It´s SO stinkin´hot and humid...whew!! However, my roomate- Sally from New York- and I ended up talking with Julio the mexican guy out on his room´s (which was next door to ours) balcony (with a great view of Manaus and the Opera House from the hotel´s 15th floor) for like and hour and then once we went to bed we eneded up talking for like two MORE hours... so that was fun, but we ended up getting only like 3 and a half hours of sleep that night, lol. But it was a good first day. :D

PS. I´ve started slowly posting pictures on Facebook, if you want to check them out..