Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I know it´s been FOR-EV-ER

and you´re probably just sitting there thinking, "You´re killing me, Smalls!" lol, but hear me out. I was in São José dos Campos for over a week at my "aunt" and "uncle´s" house. Which was really fun. They lived in this 8th floor apartment and it had an amazing view. My cousin (a 14 year old girl)was a phenoiminal tap-dancer and I got to see her perform, which was cool. Mostly it was just nice that I didn´t have to go to school, lol. I read alot and helped out Chia (portuguese for aunt). Speaking of portuguese, mine is getting ALOT better- the Lord is good! :) I still have a long way to go and I still won´t be fluent or anything by the time I get back (I would definetly need another 4 or five months for THAT), but i can carry on decent conversation now. :) As for when I´m coming home, mark it on you calanders, jk, lol. It´s for sure ***JUNE 20th*** but then I´m off to my birth family´s house in Ohio for the fourth of July, so look forward to some quality robin-time in July ;) lol. And just an FYI this saturday I´m headed to *THE AMAZON* for 11 days!! WOOHOO!!! And I would post pcitures of all that I´ve been up to, but my laptop died, so you´ll just have to wait until I get home. :/ but I promise to take a TON in the Amazon... oh man, I´m so way STOKED! :D Pray for my safety please, there´s like anacondas and piranahs and alligators and yellow fever and malaria and dehydration to be worring about up there... but I´m still totally THRILLED! :D I´ll tell you all about it when i get back to Pindamonhangaba!