Sunday, March 30, 2008

step aerobics

I went to a step aerobics class last wednesday and ended up building more character than muscular endurance. I´m pretty sure I did not cover step aerobic vocabulary in my portuguese studies and was therefore left to flailing about "the step" while the other women moved in cordination around me. In an attempt to offer patrons the chance to show off, the designers of the room had placed huge windows where people who were coming into the gym or leaving could pause and observe the disaster that was me... Like interprative dancing gone wrong (though perhaps such things are just wrong to begin with)I pranced about the step as an indian about a fire, covered in war paint (or was that the mascara that had turned out NOT to be sweat-proof?), and emitting grunts and other unintelligable noises. Oh yes, that was a memorable afternoon. I think I´ll just stick with the cycling classes, thank you very much! ;)

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Rachel said...

Ok, that made me laugh so hard my side his hurting! I love you Robin! We miss and think of you often! Rachel