Monday, March 24, 2008

São Paulo. part 1

Sunday through Thursday of last week was spent in an apartment in São Paulo.
Minha Mãe (my host mom) and minha irma (my host sister, Flahvia). Spent the week at Flahvia´s apartment in São Paulo. It wasn´t anything too exciting, but we had fun. :) There was one day in particular that stands out in memory... allow me to elaborate: My host sister goes to a high-end fashion school in a classy part of town. Tuesday she had a test so we all drove her there (me, mãe, and Beato, Flahvia´s boyfriend that came to São Paulo w/us) and just hung near the school for a two hours. Not only did they have a Starbucks (heaven on earth, I´m telling you- it just tastes like home! lol) but they had this area (several streets up and down) that was full of little botiques. I must say that I have never seen such extravagance in my life. There was all the american shops that are too nice for malls, like Coach, Armani, etc. and Brasilian and french and italian stores I´ve never heard of, but it was the people there that shocked me: They were these stunningly beautiful young men and women (most in their 20´s, it looked like) and they were all so "fashionably" dressed- they simply reeked wealth. And there I was with my half-finished frapaccino, wearing a Ross tee-shirt, JC Penny´s jeans, and muddy tennis shoes.... and I didn´t feel inferior. Which was kind of suprising at first- i though i would, but I didn´t. They looked like they were having alot of fun spending all that money and laughing with their super-attractive boyfriends/girlfriends, but It was so empty. I wondered if that was all they ever did. Just spend money on looking better and date the best looking person you can catch... I´d actually much rather be poor and satisfied in Christ and would much rather marry a really unattractive (by the world´s standards) man who is a MAN and a GODLY man and who is a leader and is tender and who will raise Godly children, than those really good-looking fools who flirt with the prettiest girl in the room and are selfish and rude and prideful. I would rather "have a dry crust with peace, than have a house full of feasting with stife" I would rather seek my treasure in heaven- in Christ!- than in clothes and summer flings and beautiful figures- for all those fade away and you´re left with nothing... I know I´ve said that stuff before, but I´ve never really been faced with it....I was afraid that I would secretly desire what those people in São Paulo had, but (by the grace of God) I see that it truly is, how did that one wise guy put it? "vanity and grasping for the wind." ;)

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