Sunday, March 9, 2008

old fashioned goodness

The power went out last night for like 3 hours, right when it got dark outside. I was just sitting down to read and so we got out some candles and I studied by candle light which was totally cool. It felt loke some Jane Austen novel when I wrote a letter, lol. :)
My new family is awesome. My host sister, Flavia, is 22 and goes to fashion school in Sao Paulo, but comes home every weekend and she is SO cool. I´m very happy with my new family. Please pray for opprotunities for me to share the gospel with them... also, for my portuguese, because though I can understand alot, I´ve just been having trouble speaking it. I´ve updated a few pictures on facebook, so check those out and I´ll try to write more later.
PS. I´m making plans to go on an 11 day expedition in the Amazon, so I´ll keep you update as to how that workes out. :)

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