Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Angel, Frog Legs, and Mocha Frappicinos

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, Molly's parents, are visiting her in Brasil these next three weeks. If you don't know who Molly is: she's from Chelan, WA and is an exchange student down here with rotary- she lives down the street from me. Anyway, They arrived on friday and so saturday afternoon/evening, we took them up to Campos do Jordao (which is like my favorite place in Brasil)- the city in the mountains that's alot like Leavenworth, but bigger- and we took a tour of Sao Paulo (state's) govenor's house, which was really really beautiful, and then we had dinner and some hot cocoa and chocolate at a shop (the chocolate in Campos is SO good, it's famous throughout brasil). After that we just sort of walked around the town and looked at the lights (they have white lights strung up everywhere, it was SO beautiful) and the was this guy pretending to be a statue of an angel and when you gave him like 1 R then he would blow you a kiss and give you a little paper with a "fortune" on it. He was really good (i'll hopefully get the pictures of all this up on facebook soon, so be on the lookout for a picture post!). We had alot of fun, it's incredibly beautiful there... it made me a bit sad though, too, because it makes me think of walking around leavenworth at dusk near christmas with all the lights... but yeah. it was a good time. :)
Sunday, we drove to Sao Paulo early and went to this amazing BBQ where I ate wild boar (which was really good), a frog leg (which honestly tasted exactly like fried chicken, some sort of blood sausage (which wasn't so bad, but for the fact I was eating blood), and a chicken heart (which was incredibly digusting) as well as other normal food that was really good... Then we went to two different malls where alll the women went and spent alot of money and me and the guys sat on various benches and talked about traveling and music and saved money, lol. It was not all boring though, because as we were wandering around the mall I saw what could only be called "a glorious light" but was actually a lit-up sign for starbucks. This of course promted an immediate ditching of those still shopping (they were still in the same store when we returned, so no harm doen, eh? ;) and the beginging of an expedition to discover the where abouts of the long-missed Starbucks. After a long and fruitless search (the mall was HUGE) Erico (Molly's host brother) and Mr. Nelson finally gave into asking a vendor where we might find the starbucks (what is it with men and directions?!? lol) and our search was complete at last. Apparently Starbucks is as popular here as it is in the US because the line was massive. I was not complaining though- for here was a beautiful piece of home. It's odd, that when I go into american stores here in Brasil it completely throws me off to hear them speaking potruguese behind the counter- it's like I expected them to have Americans behaind the counter of an american store... I know that's ridiculous, but it throws me off everytime! So maybe it was that similar feeling of inbalance that cause confusion, I don't really know, but when I got to the waiting area at the end of the counter: the woman with the screaming child in her arms got her steamed something; a bit later the man in front of me who spoke english (I discovered this because when I said, "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm such a klutz!" after dropping a plastic cup on the floor that I had been looking at while waiting in line, he turned around and said, "It is good. You worry not, Nothing breaks." (which is true, nothing broke!)- we went on to talk about our lives in engl-uese) Anyway, he got HIS drink, and then the guy behind me with the weird hair got HIS drink and large cookie, then the two teenage girls behind him got THEIR drinks... and I was still standing there. Turns out that they wrote down my name as, "Laura" which... i guess could sound like Robin... lol, and had called out "Laura" to which, that not being my name, I had not responded. I wasn't too miffed because they were really nice about the whole thing and I got my coffee eventualy- it was just one of those things that's so easy to sort out in the US, but when you're speaking two different languages- it takes alot longer and is almost guaranteed to produce laughter. :) Plus Erico and Mr. Nelson spent the rest of the evening calling me "Laura," to the great confusion of the rest of our group- which was hilarious.

All in all, it was a pretty memorable weekend. :D

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