Saturday, February 23, 2008


School has been... interesting. I try to pay attention. Ok actually I try to pay attention in three classes: History- which is really cool and my teacher actually has a teaching style reminicent of Mr. Welch's :) , English- which is boring, but she talks alot about grammar and stuff so it helps me practice my portuguese, and science- because my teacher is insane and has been known to make up a song and dance routine on the spot about cytoplasm... that was my second day. he's not dulled yet, lol.
Other than those classes, though I've done all of the following:
-LOTS and LOTS of reading
-studying my portuguese
-writing letters home (none of which have been delivered, however, because I've yet to go to the post office..)
-listening to my iPod
-Molly sleeps in class, but I really can't bring myself to do that, it's just too much... maybe in a couple months though.. ;)
-listening to podcast sermons on my iPod and taking notes in my bible/notebook
-I bought a new bible- ESV Widemargin REFRENCE Bible (yey-yeah! :D ) and so I've transfered some notes from my old Widemargin NIV bible as well as doing some "hermenuetics" stuff like highlighing old test. quotes in the NT and looking for "strands" etc. ....u River kids know what i mean... :) it's a totally cool translation. if you're looking to buy a new bible you should definetly check it out.
Today, for example, I read Don Quixote and my bible as well as listened to and took notes on two sermons by Tom Nelson and one by Doug Wilson
On occasion I will watch one of the movies on my iPod: Dirty Dancing and Meet the Robinson's
During the breaks, we can do whatever. Today during the first break (there are 3 breaks and they are each 20 minutes) I played volleyball with some kids who were really good at it. Thankfully I mostly held my own, but it was a much more intense game than I had anticipated, lol. then during the second break I talked with Molly, and the third break saw me watching the intense soccer game in the side yard by the boys from the upper forms- they are INCREDIBLE soccer (or should i say"futbol" lol) players. And none of them are even on teams. People take soccer here way more seriously that we take football i think. It was cool to be right on the field wathcing their fancy footwork though. :D
Well, I'm off to Thalita's birthday party. I'll write more later. :)
oh and did I mention that we have school on Saturday? yeah. so that's not too snazzy, but it's not horrid. I can't really complain in brasil, lol.

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