Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a second cry.

So I had my second official cry today (the first was on Christmas when I called my family). I don't mean those tears of awe that fill my eyes when I view God's glory on display in His creation (it is SO beautiful here in Brasil) or those bittersweet tears that fall when something makes me think of and miss my family and friends back home and wish they were here with me to see and experience it... nope, not those kinds of tears. This was more like when the Ents broke the dam at Isengaurd (The Lord of the Rings); complete with red eyes, a runny nose, and pillow-hugging. It was brought on so suddenly and under such unusual circumstances (for crying) that I think I might've just been needing a really good sob. It was when I read my name in the updated Trinity Church Directory that I just lost it. It wasn't a horrible, grieving sort of cry, but it was long and hard nonetheless. I know it sounds silly and you might not understand, but I was just SO thankful for my church family. SO thankful that I was a part of that family. So thankful that the people there love me and pray for me. And it was just sort of overwhelming when, while I was overcome by such gratitude, I couldn't be with them... I suppose I did not realize how terribly I was going to miss them...
Please don't worry about me though- I'm okay now. It was... refreshing.
And I want all of you at Trinity Church to know that you're constantly in my thoughts and prayers and that I miss you very much and with no small amount of joy do I look forward to feasting with you again at the Lord's table. :)
May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with each of you this week.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

some more pictures

Here's some more pictures. Our internet's been really low for the last couple weeks so I haven't been able to upload them, but here they are:


Nicloe Ballard came down to Brasil for one of her classes and I visited her while she was in Sao Paulo. We searched for Acai and walked (a rather long way) through town to it's main park. We then proceeded to get lost in that park and had to speed walk back up the hill to the hotel so she wouldn't be late for her evening class. Despite a few minor setbacks, however, it was all-in-all a really fun afternoon.


School has been... interesting. I try to pay attention. Ok actually I try to pay attention in three classes: History- which is really cool and my teacher actually has a teaching style reminicent of Mr. Welch's :) , English- which is boring, but she talks alot about grammar and stuff so it helps me practice my portuguese, and science- because my teacher is insane and has been known to make up a song and dance routine on the spot about cytoplasm... that was my second day. he's not dulled yet, lol.
Other than those classes, though I've done all of the following:
-LOTS and LOTS of reading
-studying my portuguese
-writing letters home (none of which have been delivered, however, because I've yet to go to the post office..)
-listening to my iPod
-Molly sleeps in class, but I really can't bring myself to do that, it's just too much... maybe in a couple months though.. ;)
-listening to podcast sermons on my iPod and taking notes in my bible/notebook
-I bought a new bible- ESV Widemargin REFRENCE Bible (yey-yeah! :D ) and so I've transfered some notes from my old Widemargin NIV bible as well as doing some "hermenuetics" stuff like highlighing old test. quotes in the NT and looking for "strands" etc. ....u River kids know what i mean... :) it's a totally cool translation. if you're looking to buy a new bible you should definetly check it out.
Today, for example, I read Don Quixote and my bible as well as listened to and took notes on two sermons by Tom Nelson and one by Doug Wilson
On occasion I will watch one of the movies on my iPod: Dirty Dancing and Meet the Robinson's
During the breaks, we can do whatever. Today during the first break (there are 3 breaks and they are each 20 minutes) I played volleyball with some kids who were really good at it. Thankfully I mostly held my own, but it was a much more intense game than I had anticipated, lol. then during the second break I talked with Molly, and the third break saw me watching the intense soccer game in the side yard by the boys from the upper forms- they are INCREDIBLE soccer (or should i say"futbol" lol) players. And none of them are even on teams. People take soccer here way more seriously that we take football i think. It was cool to be right on the field wathcing their fancy footwork though. :D
Well, I'm off to Thalita's birthday party. I'll write more later. :)
oh and did I mention that we have school on Saturday? yeah. so that's not too snazzy, but it's not horrid. I can't really complain in brasil, lol.

The Argentine Tango

So last weekend we went to Sao Paulo for this friend-of-the-family's birthday. They had all these relatives there from Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. We partied hard. It was SO fun! We had this kareoke machine that played classsic samba and bossa nova stuff (in portuguese, obviously) as well as 2 old american songs: My Heart Will Go On, from Titanic and All I Ask of You, from The Phantom of the Opera. They made me sing both english songs. Leticia sang with me on the Titanic song while this guy from Argentina sang All I Ask of You with me. He was SO much fun! He and his wife honestly looked like Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones. And they danced like it too! His wife- and i feel terrible, but i forgot her name- she spent half the night teaching different salsa and tango moves to the Argentine music that her husband had blasting from his laptop. It was such a blast. When I get home I shall have to show you all my new moves, lol. ;)

*really* young love ;)

I just found out that there is this little boy (like 8 or something) -his mother works out at the same gym that I do- who after meeting me one afternoon, told his mother that when he grew up he was going to move to the America and marry me. I thought that was rather cute. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new email

Hey guys. I have been unable to access my hotmail account since my arrival in Brasil. I don't know (or really care) why- it just isn't working. Therefore I have opened up a new email account with gmail. My new email address is: robinlouisebowe@gmail.com ...thrilling. i know. but i couldn't really come up with a name that was both cool and not sound like i was in middleschool... so there you are.. but yeah. if you want to start sending me nice long emails, you are now free to do so. ;) ;) *nudge nudge*

Carnival was good. We went to a huge party in San Luis. I bought this sweet mask. It's covered in green sequins and feathers! :D We started school this week. It starts at 7AM and ends at noon. So far it's pretty cool (for school). Some of my teachers are neat while others are boring. I attempt to listen for like an hour or so to practice my portuguese, and then I just read or write letters or copy commonplaces from my books... for example, I read "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde today and the day before that I wrote out in my CP journal all my marked passages from Paraside Lost (and there were a butt-load, lol. it's such a good book!). So now that I'm in school I get more time to read.... Monday after our first day at school Mae, Leticia, Molly, and I drove to Sao Paulo and bought a bunch of school supplies and then we went to a bookstore (as i had been begging them to take me to a big one that might have books in english) and low and behold they had a fairly good selection. I bought: "The Inferno," by Dante; "The Importance of Being Earnest," by Oscar Wilde; "Don Quixote," by Cervantes; and last but not least, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass," by Lewis Carroll. So it looks like I'm set for some good reading for the next little while :D . We then went shopping and got back to Pinda by 1Am... yuck. Well, I'll leave you there- now I'm off to the gym and then to bed because seriously- waking up at 6 is killing me! lol. :)