Friday, January 25, 2008

The Gym

So for those of you who don't know, I dicovered and subsequently joined a gym two blocks from my house about 2 and a half weeks ago. It took me this long to find it because it's in the opposite direction from my usual route into town. Anyway, I've been working out every day and I've met some pretty hilarious individuals there. One trainer whose nickname is "Guara" is really fun. Another trainer, Fabio, "Fabi" for short, (who is really really ridiculously good-looking, lol) and I decided to start calling Guara "Guarana" which is really popular soda here in Brasil. Well, guarana is also a type of fruit, so when we call Guara "Guarana" then it's kinda like calling him a fruit, or gay. He's a good sport about it though and simply retaliated by starting the running joke that Fabi is a binge drinker (which is almost as ridiculous as calling Guara a "fruit" since Fabi is super athletic and would probably be against showers if they suddenly became "bad for your health" lol) ... you just have know these guys.. they're hilarious. There's this other guy that is, get this, a professional dance instructor. He's actually moving to Oregon to start a buisness up there in April. Anyway, today I was working out and in this other section of the gym there was an aerobics class and they had Caribbean music up really loud. So after I got off the leg press, I hopped on over to where Guiston (the dance guy) was working out. As we were joined by Fabia and Guara and some other guys, I asked him how one would dance to this type of music. Imediately there was mob cry that he should SHOW us how to dance to this kind of music. So he did. It was hilarious. It was like this salsa-y/hip-shaking/sort of dance (that, when he did it looked really cool) and we were all trying to do it (and butchering it, lol) in the middle of the weight room. Oh man, I about died laughing! good times... good times... :D

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