Friday, December 21, 2007


We went to the beach on wednesday. We went to Ubathuba. It's a really cool little beach town. Getting there made me think that we were stuck in Jurassic Park (on a steep, winding road through the jungle), until we arrived and it loooked like the bay from Pirates of the Caribean- complete with small wispy clouds floating randomly between the green mountains rising from the water on either side. It was a really cool beach... except is was raining. hard. It rains here like every other day- not cold rain, but heavy rain. And then the next day it will be unbearably hot. After we had wandered the beach "shacks" (vendors on the beach) full of touristy/beach stuff and jewelry, we just sat down in the sand and watched the surfers. It was weird. We were all wearing shorts and tee shirts, but we were completely drenched to the skin. The rain, and I really am not exaggerating, was the spray of a heavily dripping shower head- big thick drops, but alot and quickly. I don't think I've ever gotten that wet from rain. ever. One time we were driving to pick up thalita and go to a bar, and it was a bit gray outside, but hot, really hot, and all of a sudden it was pouring- those same huge heavy drops- on our windshield. I've heard of sudden thundre storms, but I thougt that there would at least be a gradual increase from a light drizzle- even if it was a really quick increase. It was so bizzare: all of a sudden it was raining harder than ever. Looking outside the window you saw pll that didn't even know eachother (as it seemed from their manner) practiaclly holding one another crammed underneath one of those half-egg shaped public telephones. Others were stuck under nearby vendor's tarps, other by the slight overhang of a buildings roof. All were stopped in the middle of thier activities and waiting out the rain. It was so weird. It was like the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" were there's hail in the middle of tokyo and people hid in the funniest place (though, not quite so desperatyly, since it was just buckets of rain, not hail). Yeah. I can't describe it well, but I must say that those were probably my strangest experiences so far- seeing the down pour from inside the car and being in one and just sitting there on the beach. :)

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