Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here are a few more tidbits about Brasil:
-Everyone here LOVES McDonald's and they were completely flabbergasted that I, as an "Americana" don't like it at all
-With the exception of McDonald's, the food here is exeptional. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. You just have to be careful about the meat and water if it's not a very nice place.
-Guarana and Caipaneras are like, the unofficial drink of Brasil. Guarana is this really good soda (and I don't even like soda) and a Caipanera is this lime and vodka drink that, to be honest, is way too strong for me. :)
-Almost every meal, even in fancy resturants, is served with either beans and rice or, get this, french fries. The funiest part, though, in my opinion, is that they-at home and abroad- eat the french fries with tooth picks one at a time and squeeze the ketsup onto each toothpick-impaled fry. :)
-No one. Even the Christians. Absolutely no one stops at stop signs. The Christians just make an effort to slow down and check for oncoming traffic- my host dad, for instance has been in two accidents this fall from pulling onto a street after he should have stopped and didn't. I sometimes fear for my life when he's driving. lol.
-Men and women, and women and women kiss eachother on the cheek (no guy-to-guy kisses). every time they greet eachother. It's awesome. It's sometimes a little weird (for me) when it's a guy my age, but it's totally normal- all the christians do it too, so i didn't feel like it was a bad thing. And it's always right cheeks touching- not lefty's or you might have an accident, lol. But yeah. I'm so used to it now, even the american girls do it to eachother and try to speak portugese to eachother. :)
-Here, if you're an american, you're like, somewhat famous. It was kinda cool at first, but now it's just a bit annoying. I understand though- when foriegn exchange student came to WHS, we all thought they were really cool... :)
Eveyone in my family (except for Pai, my host dad because he works) sleeps until at least 111 every morning, today it was 2pm. It varies, but it's funny because I used to do that, but now im less tired and getting more used to things and i wake up at like 8. So, I'm staring to get some routine into my days: Wake up, cold shower (their hot water's out.. but it sure does wake you up! ), breakfast, quiet time, reading, study portugese, and if my family is still not up, I will walk (only like 2 miles or so from my house) to the town center and have lunch and an Acai (a really good fruit smoothie thing they have here). Then I might just wander the shops or visit my friend, Eloa (one of the Decans from my church's wife), who is a dentist downtown. Then I return home and see what we're doing that afternoon and evening: rotary meeting? clubbing? bar? taubate? swimming? movie? church activity? (it IS summer break down here). This isn't everyday, but when we aren't doing anything in the morning like visiting another city or the beach or driving to Sao Paulo, my schedule looks somewhat like that...

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