Friday, December 21, 2007

So there was this guy...

I went to another christmas dinner at the presbyterian church tonight, but this one was for the "youth" which was basically everyone under 30, lol. It was really fun. I've gotten pretty close to this woman named Eloa and her husband (a Decan), Samuel. Anyway, they gave me a ride home (as usual) but this guy that I briefly met at chruch last week (He didn't speak any english), Leonardo, needed a ride home, too, so he came with us. A few things need explaining here: the first is that I don't want you to get the wrong impression from this story- I am NOT planning on dating/courting/having a "special friend" (lol) while I'm here in Brasil, so this is just a cute story, ok? the second is that I have heard alot about Leonardo this last week: he doesn't speak english, he used to be in this intense gang or something, but like 5 years ago he started coming to the church and became a christian and Christ totally turned his life around. Now him and Samuel are pretty close, I think he studies under him or something. He's the most mature of the "youth" in the church (they're all pretty much newcomers, which is cool, but they're either new in thier faith or not christians at all). He's really fun and cool, but he like never talks to girls, they say that he's really shy with girls now that he's a christian, i dunno. He works during the day and lives at home and helps his parent(s??) financially. He's a really hard worker. He's 21. ok. so I had heard all that from samuel and eloa. It caught my attention- he sounded like my guy friends back home (except for the gangster part, lol) and seemed like a person that i would want to get to know, you know?? All this to say, as we they were driving us home i tried to made conversation in my broken portugese with him and he started saying a few things in english. we talked (with help from eloa who speaks perfect english and portugese) and laughed. it was fun. Well, he gets out of the car and samuel is like, shocked. he tells me that leo is usually so quiet around girls so that was weird that he was talking to me so easily. AND he doesn't speak any english, so he must have been studying english all week on his own, after he met me last sunday, so that he could talk to me. Isn't that hilarious?!?! I'm not really interested in him or anything, but I thought it was really sweet. :)

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