Saturday, December 29, 2007

Feliz Natal

So Christmas was... different. Here's the run-down:
We spent most of Christmas Eve in the grocery store in Taubate because my host parents were really late picking us up (no suprise there. I wasn't too frustrated- I'm getting used to it.. ) Then when we got home, we weren't doing anything so I decided to watch The Grinch (with Jim Carrey). At like 8pm we went to this place where they cook your meat for you, and got a ham. Then we got home and (WOW) we had dinner at home for once! I turned on my christmas music (from my laptop) while we made a salad and set the table. Then I asked them if I could read the Christmas story. They let me. So I read from Luke and a bit from Matthew. When I was finished, they said, "that was nice" so i was like, "have you never heard that before?" (cause they said they were "catholic") and they said no! I was rather suprised, but it was cool that I got to read it to them.
Then we had dinner. It was weird. When Christian families back home get together- there's not just good food, but talking and laughter and stories and anecdotes and more laughter. There was none of that at our christmas dinner. :/ There wasn't much joy, you know?
At a bit before (and up until) midnight there were some fireworks going off in the city. My family was getting ready to go to some god-children's house in an hour (i was ready). So, because I was impossible to see them from anywhere else) I crawled out and up onto the roof (it's not too hard to get to) and watch the fireworks for a while. :) It was cool.
Then, at like 1AM we went to their god-kid's house, a little 2 year old boy that made me think of Titus :( I missed him so much! Then after only like an hour (we were really tired) we went home to bed.

On Christmas morning I woke up at like 10, ate some cereal, read my bible, sang some hymns ;) and then opened my christmas present from all of you who went to my "going away party." Thank you so much for all those sweet notes. It was very special. (for those of you who don't know, It was a scrapbook of pictures of and notes from friends from my going away party- extra special thanks to my parents and brothers who put it together and Mrs. Knight who took all the pictures. )
Then my family woke up at like 1PM and we opened presents. I got a pretty little jewelry box and a iTunes gift card from my parents, some chocolate, a pink stuffed animal (a dog) from leticia and a Bosa Nova/Samba cd from my host parents. :)

After presents, we drove to Campos do Jordao. We went to this man-made waterfall place up on the "mountain" (it really more like a hill) called Chuva de Prata, pronounced: "shuva je prata" It means "silver rain." Then we looked at all these little shop-huts where I really should've done my christmas shopping at, but too late. :) We then drove back down into town and ate these fried-bread-filled-with-meat-and-cheese things. they were really good, but I could only eat half of mine. :( they were WAY too filling. :) Then we drove home. Which was yucky. I hate the cars here. The backseats have NO leg room and any trip longer than 40 minutes makes me SO claustaphobic if I'm tired.. so that wasn't very fun... :/ but then we got home and I asked if we could watch White Christmas. I didn't really want to watch it by myself, so I was willing to wait. Four hours later, I stared White Christmas without them. :) Then I paused it after the "Snow" song on the train and called my family. They were having christmas dinner with some family friends. That was the only time I have been really upset since I've gotten here. I tried to wait until I hung up, so I wouldn't make then sad for me, but I think my mom knew I was about to cry... i think it's a mom thing, lol. After I hung up, I cried for a little bit and my host mom and leticia came downstairs and gave me big hugs and watched the rest of White Christmas with me (isn't that so sweet! i love them!) and my host mom doesn't even understand english- so I consider it a sacrifice that she was bored for me. lol :D

Anyway, It was... different. Not bad, and in fact it was cool that I didn't have all those christmas traditions that i get so excited about, so I think I was focused alot more on trying to celebrate and meditate upon Christ's birth. So that's really neat, but I'd think I'd like to celebrate His birth with my family next year. ;)

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