Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ducky and Wink and The Other Robin

I got your letter today after I got back from the Centro (center of town) and it made me SO happy! I miss you so much! And i loved the pictures too! Is there any way I could get the pictures from my going away party from your mom? email perhaps? I hope you and Ty are well. Send my love on to the rest of the family. Beijus! (kisses!) Tchau! (bye! pronounced, "chow")

Yeah, don't worry about the phone calls. My number here is (for anyone who wants to give me a ring..) 55 12 3645 3042, but I would be an international call so I would suggest calling me on Skype as the best solution. It's free to download and free to talk over the internet, plus on that I have voicemail so you could leave me a message if i wasn't online. :) I hope you have a fabulous time in Mexico! What city are you going to?? I miss you!! I will talk to you soon, k?? Tchau!

The Other Robin-
Hey yeah I was just exausted for the first week, but I think I'm getting my energy back, so that's good. And I will try to keep everyone posted on ym doings here a bit more regularly. Oh, and apperently I'm supposed to give a presentation in portugese to the Rotary here and present them with like a small flag/banner thing of our club. Could you send me one of those?? Thanks so much! lots of love! Tchau!
-Robin The 2nd

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