Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Week Fly-By

So here is, my last week at a glance:
Friday: crashed a Cats (the musical Wenatchee high school was putting on. and a lot of my friends were in) after party. I was there playing Catch Phrase till 1 am.

Saturday: went to Leavenworth and read my Bible and Cyrano de Bergerac for like 5 hours. Then I went and saw Cats, which was incredible and yet bizarre at the same time (both my brothers were in it- they were Pirates so they didn't have to wear spandex. lol). After that I crashed yet another Cat's party at Dimitri's house and was there till 3am. we had a dance party and did a bunch of other cool stuff.

Sunday: went to Trinity. There was a Potluck that I was going to go to, but Bekah Helsel, one of my best friends and the pastor's daughter invited me to come up to Desert Canyon with her family for the evening. We went up there and went long boarding and then we were joined by the Johnsons, the Lensons, the DeJongs, and the McMullens. We ate cheese and nibbled on a salmon and drank wine. We discussed our lives and movies and the church and just had wonderful fellowship. It was a fabulous time.

Monday: I was going to babysit for the Madson's, but they were going to their friends' house for dinner who's parents are missionaries in Brazil and when they heard about me they insisted I be invited to dinner as well. So all of us went to their friends' house for dinner and talked a bit about Brazil but pretty much just had a good time. which was cool. :)

Tuesday: The African Children's choir came to Wenatchee and so I went early and sold Cd's with some other girls and my family hosted 3 boys and an "uncle" at our house (Bekah tagged along and stayed the night because she wanted to play with the kids). We had the kids who sang on American Idol with Josh Groban. Our family hosted: Ronald, Edward, and Joel. They were SO much fun! Me and Bekah sand Psalm 40 to them at Bedtime and read them Rumpelstiltskin. Joshua was their "uncle," or chaperon, and we stayed up till 1:30 am talking about the choir, doctrinal issues, traveling, specific scripture, and what not. It was wonderful!

Wednesday: I babysat for the Madsons and the Byingtons (at the Madson's house). Then, Bekah and I went to Starbucks for coffee (i took the bus). That night me and Bekah drove up to the Grette's house and there was a party up there. we played the guitar video game thing where you push the buttons on this fake guitar- it's really fun. Then we played "Around the World" with the Ping Pong table. After that, we watched the boys play "Ultimate Ping pong" where if they miss a point then they have to lift up their shirts and the opposite team gets to hit the ball as hard as they can at their chest. It was, in a word, HILARIOUS!! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. They had quite a few welts on their chests by the end of it. I didn't realize a ping pong ball could do so much damage, lol.

Thursday: was Thanksgiving and we went to The Sleeping Lady up in Leavenworth for dinner (at 2) so we didn't have to make or clean up food. So that was nice. :) Aunt Diane and Uncle Pete and Gramma (all on my mom's side) and Aunt Sara and uncle dick. as well as my cousin Laurie and her 2 kids: Jacob (13) and Claire (11), and Gramma Bowe (all on my dad's side) came for thanksgiving. After dinner we played Catch Phrase and talked for hours and then us kids watched The Office till 2 am.

Friday we slept in and then went to Leavenworth. We hit the Hat Shop, grabbed samples at the Cheese Monger's and the Fudge shop and stopped my the Toy Shop for a quick bit. My parents left there to go to Seattle (and the Huskies game. Go Dawgs!!). the rest of the family wen their separate ways, but Claire stayed with us until sunday. that night we went to the Knight's house for a "the college kids are back, so let's party" bonfire. We sang a TON of Psalms and Hymns. Then we played Catch Phrase yet again, until 11 when Ty said it was time to go.

Saturday: we had an Incredibly lazy day : we watched Die Hard (the first one) which we had never seen- it was good, but very violent and had a lot of cussing. we read for a bit, and then at 7 we went and saw Enchanted at the movie theater which was corny, but cute. :) After that we (that is, Claire and I) went to Anne Levitsky's house and hung out with some college kids who were back from school. we actually ended coming back to our house and having a bonfire, making smores, reading Patrick McManus, and watching The Office. Everyone left at some early hour of the morning. :)

Sunday (today): We woke up early and I drove my gramma and Claire to Seattle. This afternoon I got lost while driving and lost 100 dollars in cash while dropping my gramma off or somewhere- i don't know. I don't want to think about it- it makes me feel sick :/ I am now at my cousin's house on Queen Anne Hill. There is also this really cool guy from Germany staying with them as well. He has the coolest accent!! Tomorrow I will go stay with Rachel Helsel, Brielyn Flones, and Allison Dimmitt at their house. I'm really excited- it should be fun. :) Then on Wednesday I will pick my gramma up at Sea Tac and drive back to Wenatchee.

Life is good. Amen. :D

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