Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Missing Visa

So I just got an email from my travel agent. You recall how we withdrew my application for a Czech Visa like 2 weeks ago?? Well, apparently the Czech consolate in California just doesn't like taking orders from us, because they didn't tell the Czech government I had withdrawn my application. So today I was just issued a one year student visa to the Czech Republic. I could therefore leave tommorrow for the Czech Republic. However, after consideration, my family has decided that I will continue to wait for my Brazilian Visa, which should come in by the end of November. Many people have worked hard and pulled strings to get me to Brazil when the Czech Consolate was so flakey. And after much prayer, my family and I feel that the Lord does not want me in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we continue to wait upon the Lord (and the Brazilian government beneath Him). So far, everything is running flawlessly. I'll keep you all updated. :D

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