Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Host Sister

You've heard of American Idol, I presume. Well, in Brazil, they have a similar sort of nation-wide contest. My host sister, laticia (17 years old) won it last year. She is a fabulous singer- how cool is that??!! :D She has a website: www.twiggy.com.br ("twiggy" is her stage name.. yeah, i don't get it either.. ) but I have to warn you, she is kinda scary looking- not in real life. she's really cute in the pictures I've seen of her normaly, but she looks really freaky and older on her website. Needless to say, I quite doubt that she is a christian. Anyway, you can hear clips of her music and see videos of her in concert on her website- I think it's new because she doesn't have alot of stuff on it yet, but yeah, check it out. She is a really good singer- I'm totally jealous. :D I talked to her on the phone for a bit and she's really nice. I'm SO excited to go to Pinda!!! a couple weeks and I'll be there!! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

try saying that five times fast...

"Pindamonhangaba" is the city I will be living in in Brazil. This is the most recent news and is therefore subject to change, but there you go. It is right between 2 of the most populated cities in the world: Sao Paulo (ranks number 4) and Rio de Janeiro (ranks number 24). To give you a better idea; L.A. is number 42 on the list (by Wikipedia). It is in the southern part of Brazil, about an hour from the coast. At this point, I don't know much else....


Anyone who has not read "Paradise Lost" by John Milton, needs to get on the ball and pick it up right now. Also, anyone who likes amazingly awesome music needs to listen to Shane & Shane's new song, "Burn Us Up."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



I have a job. And it's so perfect for my situation. I am truly blessed. One of the Rotarians who's working on my exchange, works with LINK. He offered me a job last sunday. So on Monday, I began my life as a Spy ;) . I'm working for LINK (bus) and I basically get paid to spy on the bus drivers. I make my own schedule off 1) the bus schedules and 2) whatever errands I need to run or places I need/want to go that day. I just write down if the drivers were nice, and if they drove well, and if they kept to schedule. (It's a bit more complicated than that, but I won't bore you with the details). I have to dress differently and try not to draw attention to myself and can't write notes down on the bus or anywhere near a bus-stop because they can't know the "secret shopper" (my job title) is there. It's pretty fun, because they're all on the lookout for the "secret shopper." :) So i call it "Bunbury"ing (like from The Importance of Being Earnest- which if you haven't seen, you need to) because I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. Anyway, it's all a big secret (which is why I'm publishing it on the internet..), so keep it hush-hush ;) . I figure no link bus drivers from Wenatchee are going to stumble across my blog and read this entry. So yeah, I'm still up for babysitting and any other work you all have for me. Just let me know, and I'll schedule around it. :) Thanks! Also, anyone want to ride the bus to Leavenworth with me on Saturday??? Just give me a call, I'd love some company and the drivers are less suspicious of me if i have a friend. ;)

-007, the "Bunburyist"


The Missing Visa

So I just got an email from my travel agent. You recall how we withdrew my application for a Czech Visa like 2 weeks ago?? Well, apparently the Czech consolate in California just doesn't like taking orders from us, because they didn't tell the Czech government I had withdrawn my application. So today I was just issued a one year student visa to the Czech Republic. I could therefore leave tommorrow for the Czech Republic. However, after consideration, my family has decided that I will continue to wait for my Brazilian Visa, which should come in by the end of November. Many people have worked hard and pulled strings to get me to Brazil when the Czech Consolate was so flakey. And after much prayer, my family and I feel that the Lord does not want me in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we continue to wait upon the Lord (and the Brazilian government beneath Him). So far, everything is running flawlessly. I'll keep you all updated. :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So it's official. I am not going to The Czech Republic.... *takes a moment of silence for all the good times she could have had there* .......... but the good news is .......... *drum roll, please* ........... ..................... BRAZIL HERE I COME!! :D .....................
So it's still in the works, but since it was obviously not working out with the Czech Republic *sad sigh* Rotary called off the visa process and is now going to send me to Brazil. This is possible becuse of one of the Rotarian's personal contacts down there. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to send me to another country (with Rotary) so late in the year, since we usually have to recieve one of their students here in order to send one there.. All that said, I'll be in Brazil (if all goes well) by the end of the month. It seems as though the Lord doesn't want me in the Czech Republic this year. I suppose we'll find out whether or not He wants me in Brazil fairly soon. Keep checking back for more updates. Thank you all for your prayers. They are much appreciated. Grace and peace be with you,