Wednesday, September 19, 2007

good practice...

Lately, I've been filling my "Waiting Place" days with cooking, cleaning, and babysitting. I hear that this is "good practice" for being a mom. Alas, my own mother might let slip that my cleaning is mostly ("Though not completely," I would interrupt ;) limited to those messes I make while cooking. My brothers may add that my cooking, while good, takes twice as long as any normal person (as I've never attempted to make it a habit before...). My mother would jump back in at this point and say that, though the Sloppy-Joe's and Hooner Schnitzel were appetizing, i keep giving the deserts to everyone but my own family. My family loyalty is called in to question (for these are serious matters ;) ) when I allow them each such meager helpings as one slice of banana bread and two peach turnovers before hauling the treats out of sight to give to other people. "This, my dearest family," I would interject," is not because I don't love you and want you to enjoy my cooking, but as far as the desserts are concerned, allow me to explain: when I let you eat my desserts, you are happy, but then once your initial joy at the taste is gone, things change..... the remainer of the sweets are simply consumed like any other food in the house. It is now a leftover. There is no awe at it's goodness on your part and no joy given to me by giving you pleasure(if you have none while eating it). If, however, I let you have your fill and then take the leftovers abroad (in a manner of speaking), then each piece is no longer a leftover, but a fabulously new and exciting sweet to each person I meet, and with it comes all the joy of giving others joy, from giving them something good to eat. I also have full and complete understanding that it is a rather selfish way of going about things, but there you go. I made you dinner, I can give away the leftover desserts." This I would explain to them. As I'm sure they will want an explanation when they come home tomorrow and find two thirds of the peach turnovers I made tonight gone. I'll let you know how that goes.. :D As for the babysitting, I just play with the kids, it's not like it's hard, but I hear that being a nanny is good preperation for motherhood... not that I'm ready for that yet, lol. But i hear that it really can't hurt to get in some good practice. :D

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